Knowte Pages: session-only notes (no Cookies, no JavaScript, no Plugin)

Page 1 · Page 2 · resizable notes in Firefox, "Pale Moon", Opera, Safari and Chrome browsers. Select text to save with, e.g., SpringPad plugin ; drag lower-left corner of any note to resize it ( best in Firefox or Pale Moon browsers as can also "shrink" panes. ) For notes which persist on your local machine, see below

For notes that persist on your local machine, see our Curl project using Curl from at Curl KnowtePages for a demo page; once you have followed the demo instructions, your running notes page will be knowtepages.html and NOT this demo page ( an alternative is to request a copy of that page to run in your local c:\web\ folder. ) You must set your c:\web folder to PRIVILEGED in the Curl SURGE® RTE manager to use EITHER option.

To request a note page in a different style, contact info AT or info AT where AT is the usual mail character.