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 Kanji,   kanjidic2 meanings 1-12(max) 

    beginning, former time, origin  
    beforehand, previous, myself, I  
    soul, spirit  
    dream, vision, illusion  
    phantasm, vision, dream, illusion, apparition  
    can, passable, mustn't, should not, do not  
    by means of, because, in view of, compared with  
使     use  
    deed, skill  
    family name, surname, clan  
    trip, travel, 旅行  
    going, journey, 行政  
    journey, travel, chase away, let go, going, before, formerly  
    road-way, street, district, journey, course, moral, teachings  
    village, town  
    street, ward, town, counter for guns, tools, leaves or cakes of something, even number, 4th calendar sign  
    lamp, a light, light, counter for lights  
    strike, hit, knock, pound, dozen  
    fell, strike, attack, punish  
    criticism, strike  
    penetrate, clear, pierce, strike home, sit up (all night)  
    slap, strike, hit, beat, tell, speak  
    hit, right, appropriate, himself  
    simple, one, single, merely, 単位  
    chapter, lesson, section, department, division, counter for chapters (of a book)  
    badge, chapter, composition, poem, design  
    character, letter, word, section of village  
    child, sign of the rat, 11PM-1AM, first sign of Chinese zodiac  
    juvenile, child  
    infancy, childhood  
    grandchild, descendants  
    newborn babe, child, young of animals  
    with child, pregnancy  
    products, bear, give birth, yield, childbirth, native, property  
    bring up, grow up, raise, rear  
    filial piety, child's respect  
    someone, person  
    consider, think over  
    snake, serpent, hard drinker  
    self, snake, serpent  
    selfish, arbitrary  
    prudence, thought, concern, consider, deliberate, fear  
    well, well crib, town, community  
    till, plow, cultivate  
    surround, besiege, store, paling, enclosure, encircle, preserve, keep  
    Asia, rank next, come after, -ous  
    signpost, seal, mark, stamp, imprint, symbol, emblem, trademark, evidence, souvenir, target,  
    bad, vice, rascal, false, evil, wrong  
    fear, be afraid of, dread  
    stamp, seal, mark, imprint, symbol, emblem, trademark, evidence, souvenir, India  
    condolences, mourning, funeral  
    grieve, sad, deplore, regret  
    pathetic, grief, sorrow, pathos, pity, sympathize  
    reliant, depend on, consequently, therefore, due to  
    love, affection, favourite  
    pressure, push, overwhelm, oppress, dominate  
    relax, cheap, low, quiet, rested, contented, peaceful  
    darkness, disappear, shade, informal, grow dark, be blinded  
    plan, suggestion, draft, ponder, fear, proposition, idea, expectation, worry, table, bench,  
    rank, grade, throne, crown, about, some  
    admirable, greatness, remarkable, conceited, famous, excellent  
    committee, entrust to, leave to, devote, discard  
    intimidate, dignity, majesty, menace, threaten  
    military officer, jailer, old man, rank  
    idea, mind, heart, taste, thought, desire, care, liking  
    consolation, amusement, seduce, cheer, make sport of, comfort, console  
    easy, ready to, simple, fortune-telling, divination  
    do, change, make, benefit, welfare, be of use, reach to, try, practice, cost, serve as, good  
    shift, move, change, drift, catch (cold, fire), pass into  
    unusual, change, strange  
    uncommon, queerness, strangeness, wonderful, curious, unusual  
    fiber, tie, rope  
    horizontal, woof, left & right, latitude  
    garment, clothes, dressing  
    difference, differ  
    bequeath, leave behind, reserve  
    doctor, medicine  
    range, region, limits, stage, level  
    grip, hold, mould sushi, bribe  
    stomach, paunch, crop, craw  
    handle, entertain, thresh, strip  
    one, one radical (no.1)  
    I, one  
    deviate, idleness, leisure, miss the mark, evade, elude, parry, diverge  
    rice plant  
    employee, member, number, the one in charge  
    cause, factor, be associated with, depend on, be limited to  
    matrimony, marry  
    pull, tug, jerk, admit, install, quote, refer to  
    drink, smoke, take  
    Inst., institution, temple, mansion, school  
    shade, yin, negative, sex organs, secret, shadow  
    conceal, hide, cover  
    sunshine, yang principle, positive, male, heaven, daytime  
    whole, entire, all, complete, fulfill  
    Buddha, the dead, France  
    matter, thing, fact, business, reason, possibly  
    thing, object, matter  
    part, minute of time, segment, share, degree, one's lot, duty, understand, know, rate, 1%, chances  
    nothingness, none, ain't, nothing, nil, not  
    zero, spill, overflow, nothing, cipher  
    counters for things  
    precipitous, inaccessible place, impregnable position, steep place, sharp eyes  
    verification, effect, testing  
    appear, existing  
    all, everything  
    fog, mist  
婿     bridegroom, son-in-law  
    daughter, girl  
    name, noted, distinguished, reputation  
    fate, command, decree, destiny, life, appoint  
    bright, light  
    rhyme, elegance, tone  
    eaves, roof, house, heaven  
    feathers, counter for birds, rabbits  
    whirlpool, eddy, vortex  
    bay, creek, inlet, gulf, beach, seacoast  
    carry, luck, destiny, fate, lot, transport, progress, advance  
    occupation, camp, perform, build, conduct (business)  
    shadow, silhouette, phantom  
    reflect, reflection, projection  
    flourish, prosperity, honor, glory, splendor  
    eternity, long, lengthy  
    England, English  
    defense, protection  
    recitation, poem, song, composing  
    pointed, sharpness, edge, weapon, sharp, violent  
    fluid, liquid, juice, sap, secretion  
    benefit, gain, profit, advantage  
    ecstasy, joy, rapture  
    audience, audience (with king)  
    surpass, cross over, move to, exceed, Vietnam  
    review, inspection, revision  
    park, garden, yard, farm  
    banquet, feast, party  
    prolong, stretching  
    abet, help, save  
沿     run alongside, follow along, run along, lie along  
    performance, act, play, render, stage  
    inflammation, flame, blaze  
    affinity, relation, connection, edge, border, verge, brink  
    distant, far  
    dirty, pollute, disgrace, rape, defile  
    concave, hollow, sunken  
    center, middle  
    heart, interior  
    apply, answer, yes, OK, reply, accept  
    push, stop, check, subdue, attach, seize, weight, shove, press, seal, do in spite of,  
    sideways, side, horizontal, width, woof  
    assault, hit, beat, thrash  
    venerable old man  
    open sea, offing, rise high into sky  
    hundred million, 10**8  
    roof, house, shop, dealer, seller  
    recollection, think, remember  
    the latter, duplicate, strange, witty, fishhook radical (no. 5)  
    grace, kindness, goodness, favor, mercy, blessing, benefit  
    calm, quiet, moderation  
    sound, noise  
    below, down, descend, give, low, inferior  
    change, take the form of, influence, enchant, delude, -ization  
    sham, temporary, interim, assumed (name), informal  
    value, price  
    excellent, beautiful, good, pleasing, skilled  
    add, addition, increase, join, include, Canada  
    marry into, bride  
    house, home, family, professional, expert, performer  
    widow, minority, few  
    department, course, section  
    spare time, rest, leisure, time, leave of absence  
    fruit, reward, carry out, achieve, complete, end, finish, succeed  
    erect, frame, mount, support, shelf, construct  
    song, sing  
    calamity, misfortune, evil, curse  
    earnings, work, earn money  
    blossom, bloom  
    baggage, shoulder-pole load, bear (a burden), shoulder (a gun), load, cargo, freight  
    splendor, flower, petal, shine, luster, ostentatious, showy, gay, gorgeous  
    candy, cakes, fruit  
    freight, goods, property  
    overdo, exceed, go beyond, error  
    ego, I, selfish, our, oneself  
    brush-stroke, picture  
    bud, sprout, spear, germ  
    congratulations, joy  
    gracious, elegant, graceful, refined  
    starve, hungry, thirst  
    jammed in, shellfish, mediate, concern oneself with  
    meeting, meet, party, association, interview, join  
    unravel, notes, key, explanation, understanding, untie, undo, solve, answer, cancel, absolve, explain  
    clod, lump, chunk, clot, mass  
    demolition, break, destroy  
    cheerful, pleasant, agreeable, comfortable  
    suspicious, mystery, apparition  
    repent, regret  
    pocket, feelings, heart, yearn, miss someone, become attached to, bosom, breast  
    kidnap, falsify  
    reformation, change, modify, mend, renew, examine, inspect, search  
    contraption, fetter, machine, instrument  
    sea, ocean  
    ashes, puckery juice, cremate  
    picture, drawing, painting, sketch  
    open, unfold, unseal  
    storey, stair, counter for storeys of a building  
    censure, criminal investigation  
    harm, injury  
    rue, be sad, sigh, lament  
    outline, condition, approximation, generally  
    horizon, shore  
    boulevard, street, town  
    above-stated, the said, that specific  
    hedge, fence, wall  
    menacing, dignity, majesty, threaten  
    each, every, either  
    broaden, extend, expand, enlarge  
    status, rank, capacity, character, case (law, grammar)  
    nucleus, core, kernel  
    husk, nut shell  
    seize, get, find, earn, acquire, can, may, able to  
    assurance, firm, tight, hard, solid, confirm, clear, evident  
    harvest, reap  
    memorize, learn, remember, awake, sober up  
    angle, corner, square, horn, antlers  
    contrast, compare  
    enclosure, quarters, fortification, red-light district  
    tower, tall building, palace  
    isolate, alternate, distance, separate, gulf  
    leather, become serious, skin, hide, pelt  
    study, learning, science  
    point, peak, mountain  
    music, comfort, ease  
    forehead, tablet, plaque, framed picture, sum, amount, volume  
    hang, suspend, depend, arrive at, tax, pour  
    proportion, comparatively, divide, cut, separate, split  
    hoarse, scold  
    fasten, tie up, arrest, constrict  
    lively, resuscitation, being helped, living  
    blow, breathe, puff, emit, smoke  
    breath, respiration, son, interest (on money)  
    thirst, dry up, parch  
    slippery, slide, slip, flunk  
    brown, woollen kimono  
    control, wedge  
    moreover, also, furthermore  
    stocks, stump, shares, stock, counter for small plants  
    reap, cut, clip, trim, prune  
    drought, dry, dessicate, drink up, heaven, emperor  
    crown, best, peerless  
    publish, carve, engrave  
    intuition, perception  
    persuade, recommend, advise, encourage, offer  
    scroll, volume, book, part, roll up, wind up, tie, coil, counter for texts (or book scrolls)  
    yell, cry, scream  
    withstand, endure, support, resist  
    perfect, completion, end  
    bureaucrat, the government  
    tolerant, leniency, generosity, relax, feel at home, be at ease, broadminded  
    dry, parch  
    tree trunk  
    afflicted, disease, suffer from, be ill  
    emotion, feeling, sensation  
    accustomed, get used to, become experienced  
    remorse, regret, be sorry  
    interchange, period, change, convert, replace, renew  
    daring, brave, bold  
    coffin, casket  
    goodwill, article, section, friendship, collusion  
    delight, joy  
    sweat, perspire  
    Sino-, China  
    ring, circle, link, wheel  
    sweet, coax, pamper, be content, sugary  
    oversee, official, govt office, rule, administer  
    watch over, see  
    pipe, tube, wind instrument, drunken talk, control, jurisdiction  
    simplicity, brevity  
    slacken, loosen, relax, lessen, be moderate, ease  
    tin can, container, jar radical (no. 121)  
    liver, pluck, nerve, chutzpah  
    outlook, look, appearance, condition, view  
    pierce, 8 1/3lbs, penetrate, brace  
    send back, return  
    specimen, take warning from, learn from  
    interval, space  
    connection, barrier, gateway, involve, concerning  
    collapse, fall into, cave in, fall (castle), slide into  
    building, mansion, large building, palace  
    include, bear in mind, understand, cherish  
    boulder, rock, cliff  
    stubborn, foolish, firmly  
    face, expression  
    petition, request, vow, wish, hope  
    undertake, scheme, design, attempt, plan  
    dangerous, fear, uneasy  
    rejoice, take pleasure in  
    utensil, vessel, receptacle, implement, instrument, ability, container, tool, set  
    fundamentals, radical (chem), counter for machines, foundation  
    strange, strangeness, curiosity  
    draw near, stop in, bring near, gather, collect, send, forward  
    branch off, fork in road, scene, arena, theater  
    hope, beg, request, pray, beseech, Greece, dilute (acid), rare, few, phenomenal  
    how many, how much, how far, how long, some, several  
    mourning, abhor, detestable, death anniversary  
    brandish, wave, wag, swing, shake  
    desk, table  
    national flag, banner, standard  
    previously, already, long ago  
    period, time, date, term  
    chess piece, Japanese chess, shogi  
    abandon, throw away, discard, resign, reject, sacrifice  
    mechanism, opportunity, occasion, machine, airplane  
    homecoming, arrive at, lead to, result in  
    spirit, mind, air, atmosphere, mood  
    vapor, steam  
    pray, wish  
    chronicle, account, narrative, history, annals, geologic period  
    standard, measure  
    scribe, account, narrative  
    precious, value, prize, esteem, honor  
    rouse, wake up, get up  
    rut, wheel, track, model, way of doing  
    radiance, shine, sparkle, gleam, twinkle  
    hungry, starve  
    equestrian, riding on horses, counter for equestrians  
    ghost, devil  
    falsehood, lie, deceive, pretend, counterfeit, forgery, fake  
    ceremony, rule, affair, case, a matter  
    best regards, good  
    frolic, play, sport  
    skill, art, craft, ability, feat, performance, vocation, arts  
    mimic, aim (a gun) at, nominate, imitate  
    deceit, cheat, delude  
    doubt, distrust, be suspicious, question  
    righteousness, justice, morality, honor, loyalty, meaning  
    deliberation, consultation, debate, consideration  
    good luck, joy, congratulations  
    consume, eat, drink, smoke, receive (a blow)  
    packed, close, pressed, reprove, rebuke, blame  
    instead, on the contrary, rather  
    guest, visitor, customer, client  
    skids, leg, undercarriage  
    tyrannize, oppress  
    inverted, reverse, opposite, wicked  
    hill, knoll  
    long time, old story  
    rest, day off, retire, sleep  
    reach out, exert, exercise, cause  
    suck, imbibe, inhale, sip  
    Shinto shrine, constellations, palace, princess  
    bow, bow (archery, violin)  
    hurry, emergency, sudden, steep  
    salvation, save, help, rescue, reclaim  
    decay, rot, remain in seclusion  
    request, want, wish for, require, demand  
    cry, weep, moan  
    research, study  
    hard up, destitute, suffer, perplexed, cornered  
    class, rank, grade  
    twist, ask, investigate, verify  
    salary, wage, gift, allow, grant, bestow on  
    old times, old things, old friend, former, ex-  
    gone, past, quit, leave, elapse, eliminate, divorce  
    reside, to be, exist, live with  
    gigantic, big, large, great  
    repel, refuse, reject, decline  
    foothold, based on, follow, therefore  
    raise, plan, project, behavior, actions  
    void, emptiness, unpreparedness, crack, fissure, untruth  
    permit, approve  
    long-distance, spur, fetlock  
    fishing, fishery  
    receive, undergo, answer (phone), take, get, catch  
    capital, 10**16  
    submit, offer, present, serve (meal), accompany  
    emulate, compete with, bid, sell at auction, bout, contest, race  
    together, both, neither, all, and, alike, with  
    villain, evil, bad luck, disaster  
    co-, cooperation  
    shout, exclaim, yell  
    boundary, border, region  
    gorge, ravine  
    fear, dread, awe  
    respect, reverent  
    pinch, between  
    teach, faith, doctrine  
    condition, situation  
    lunatic, insane, crazy, confuse  
    cramped, narrow, contract, tight  
    rectify, straighten, correct, reform, cure, control, pretend, falsify  
    bosom, breast, chest, heart, feelings  
    threaten, coerce  
    entertain, revive, retrieve, interest, pleasure  
    home town, village, native place, district  
    mirror, speculum, barrel-head, round rice-cake offering  
    echo, sound, resound, ring, vibrate  
    wonder, be surprised, frightened, amazed  
    face-up, look up, depend, seek, respect, rever, drink, take  
    congeal, freeze, stiff, be absorbed in  
    daybreak, dawn, in the event  
    business, vocation, arts, performance  
    bureau, board, office, affair, conclusion, court lady, lady-in-waiting, her apartment  
    bend, music, melody, composition, pleasure, injustice, fault, curve, crooked, perverse, lean,  
    poles, settlement, conclusion, end, highest rank, electric poles, very, extremely, most, highly, 10**48,  
    jewel, ball  
    diligence, become employed, serve  
    level, average  
    axe, 1.32 lb, catty, counter for loaves of bread, axe radical (no. 69)  
    harp, koto  
    prohibition, ban, forbid  
    muscle, sinew, tendon, fiber, plot, plan, descent  
    tense, solid, hard, reliable, tight  
    germ, fungus, bacteria  
    collar, neck, lapel  
    discreet, reverently, humbly  
    near, early, akin, tantamount  
    versify, singing, recital  
    phrase, clause, sentence, passage, paragraph, counter for haiku  
    ward, district  
    suffering, trial, worry, hardship, feel bitter, scowl  
    drive, run, gallop, advance, inspire, impel  
    tool, utensil, means, possess, ingredients, counter for armor, suits, sets of furniture  
    foolish, folly, absurdity, stupid  
    expectation, consideration, uneasiness, fear, anxiety, concern  
    empty, sky, void, vacant, vacuum  
    accidentally, even number, couple, man & wife, same kind  
    interview, treat, entertain, receive, deal with  
    corner, nook  
    yield, bend, flinch, submit  
    dig, delve, excavate  
    winding, reel, spin, turn (pages), look up, refer to  
    meritorious deed, merit  
    mister, you, ruler, male name suffix  
    send forth fragrance, fragrant, be scented, smoke (tobacco)  
    instruction, Japanese character reading, explanation, read  
    flock, group, crowd, herd, swarm, cluster  
    army, force, troops, war, battle  
    county, district  
    person in charge, connection, duty, concern oneself  
    lean, incline, tilt, trend, wane, sink, ruin, bias  
    punish, penalty, sentence, punishment  
    elder brother, big brother  
    disclose, open, say  
    mould, type, model  
    pledge, promise, vow  
    shape, form, style  
    diameter, path, method  
    favor, blessing, grace, kindness  
    jubilation, congratulate, rejoice, be happy  
    recess, rest, relax, repose  
    put up (a notice), put up, hoist, display, hang out, publish, describe  
    portable, carry (in hand), armed with, bring along  
    awe, respect, honor, revere  
    scenery, view  
    mountain stream, valley  
    lineage, system  
    sutra, longitude, pass thru, expire, warp  
    inherit, succeed, patch, graft (tree)  
    stalk, stem  
    lightning-bug, firefly  
    plot, plan, scheme, measure  
    admonish, commandment  
    lightly, trifling, unimportant  
    technique, art, craft, performance, acting, trick, stunt  
    welcome, meet, greet  
    drama, play  
    beat, attack, defeat, conquer  
    violent, get excited, enraged, chafe, incite  
    greatness, excellence  
    lack, gap, fail, yawning radical (no. 76)  
    decide, fix, agree upon, appoint  
    undefiled, pure, clean, righteous, gallant  
    hole, aperture, slit, cave, den  
    tie, bind, contract, join, organize, do up hair, fasten  
    month, moon  
    affair, case, matter, item  
    frugal, economy, thrifty  
    healthy, health, strength, persistence  
    concurrently, and  
    sabre, sword, blade, clock hand  
    round, full (month), perfection, -ship, pills, make round, roll up, curl up, seduce, explain away  
    -times, round, game, revolve, counter for occurrences  
    circle, yen, round  
    sphere, circle, radius, range  
    ball, sphere  
    sphere, ball  
    strict, hard, solid, tough, tight, reliable  
    dislike, detest, hate  
    constitution, law  
    suspend, hang, 10%, install, depend, consult  
    examination, investigate  
    authority, power, rights  
    offering, counter for drinks, present, offer  
    polish, study of, sharpen  
    see, hopes, chances, idea, opinion, look at, visible  
    self-effacing, humble oneself, condescend, be modest  
    intelligent, wise, wisdom, cleverness  
    flats, counter for houses, eaves  
    dispatch, despatch, send, give, donate, do, undertake  
    meadow, original, primitive, field, plain, prairie, tundra, wilderness  
    stern, strictness, severity, rigidity  
    bowstring, chord, hypotenuse  
    dwindle, decrease, reduce, decline, curtail, get hungry  
    source, origin  
    mysterious, occultness  
    present, existing, actual  
    limit, restrict, to best of ability  
    individual, counter for articles  
    call, call out to, invite  
    harden, set, clot, curdle  
    orphan, alone  
    warehouse, storehouse  
    arc, arch, bow  
    door, counter for houses, door radical (no. 63)  
    happenstance, especially, intentionally, reason, cause, circumstances, the late, therefore, consequently  
    wither, die, dry up, be seasoned  
    boast, be proud, pride, triumphantly  
    employ, hire  
    look back, review, examine oneself, turn around  
    drum, beat, rouse, muster  
    mutually, reciprocally, together  
    noon, sign of the horse, 11AM-1PM, seventh sign of Chinese zodiac  
    give, do something for  
    recreation, pleasure  
    behind, back, later  
    honorable, manipulate, govern  
    enlightenment, perceive, discern, realize, understand  
    word, speech, language  
    mistake, err, do wrong, mislead  
    safeguard, protect  
    mingle, mixing, association, coming & going  
    marquis, lord, daimyo  
    climate, season, weather  
    ray, light  
    public, prince, official, governmental  
    achievement, merits, success, honor, credit  
    merit, efficacy, efficiency, benefit  
    thick, heavy, rich, kind, cordial, brazen, shameless  
    yonder, facing, beyond, confront, defy, tend toward, approach  
    empress, queen, after, behind, back, later  
    pit, hole  
    fond, pleasing, like something  
    cavity, hole, slit, very, great, exceedingly  
    craft, construction, katakana e radical (no. 48)  
    adroit, skilled, ingenuity  
    happiness, blessing, fortune  
    wide, broad, spacious  
    ease, peace  
    constancy, always  
    disconcerted, be confused, lose one's head  
    confront, resist, defy, oppose  
    arrest, seize, concerned, adhere to, despite  
    withdraw, draw in, hold back, refrain from, be moderate  
    aggression, attack  
    grow late, night watch, sit up late, of course  
    exam, school, printing, proof, correction  
    posture, build, pretend  
    creek, inlet, bay  
    deluge, flood, vast  
    gutter, ditch, sewer, drain, 10**32  
    armor, high (voice), A grade, first class, former, instep, carapace  
    stiff, hard  
稿     draft, copy, manuscript, straw  
    crimson, deep red  
    strangle, constrict, wring  
    hawser, class (genus), rope, cord, cable  
    agreement, consent, comply with  
    navigate, sail, cruise, fly  
    laid waste, rough, rude, wild  
    equilibrium, measuring rod, scale  
    lecture, club, association  
    tribute, support, finance  
    subscription, buy  
    outskirts, suburbs, rural area  
    mineral, ore  
    descend, precipitate, fall, surrender  
    paragraph, nape of neck, clause, item, term (expression)  
    incense, smell, perfume  
    tall, high, expensive  
    sturdy, strength  
    nickname, number, item, title, pseudonym, name, call  
    fit, suit, join, 0.1  
    torture, beat  
    overpowering, great, powerful, excelling, Australia  
    overcome, kindly, skillfully  
    engrave, cut fine, chop, hash, mince, time, carving  
    revelation, tell, inform, announce  
    cereals, grain  
    cruel, severe, atrocious, unjust  
    prison, jail  
    loins, hips, waist, low wainscoting  
    skeleton, bone, remains, frame  
    crowded, mixture, in bulk, included, (kokuji)  
    quandary, become distressed, annoyed  
    ground-breaking, open up farmland  
    wife, spouse  
    regret, bear a grudge, resentment, malice, hatred  
    sociable, kind, courteous, hospitable, cordial  
    descendants, elder brother, insect  
    root, radical, head (pimple)  
    mix, blend, confuse  
    dark blue, navy  
    assistant, help  
    tempt, seduce, instigate, promote  
    distinction, difference, variation, discrepancy, margin, balance  
    lie, falsehood, deceive, pretend  
    chain, irons, connection  
    squat, seat, cushion, gathering, sit  
    bond, loan, debt  
    sponsor, hold (a meeting), give (a dinner)  
    again, twice, second time  
    utmost, most, extreme  
    superintend, manager, rule  
    coloring, paint, makeup  
    genius, years old, cubic shaku  
    pick, take, fetch, take up  
    plantation, planting  
    year-end, age, occasion, opportunity  
    finish, come to an end, excusable, need not  
    disaster, calamity, woe, curse, evil  
    smash, break, crush, familiar, popular  
    ritual, offer prayers, celebrate, deify, enshrine, worship  
    purification, Buddhist food, room, worship, avoid, alike  
    dainty, get thin, taper, slender, narrow  
    vegetable, side dish, greens  
    tailor, judge, decision, cut out (pattern)  
    ride, board, get on, place, spread, 10**44  
    occasion, side, edge, verge, dangerous, adventurous, indecent, time, when  
    dose, medicine, drug  
    exist, outskirts, suburbs, located in  
    lumber, log, timber, wood, talent  
    guilt, sin, crime, fault, blame, offense  
    property, money, wealth, assets  
    slope, incline, hill  
    promontory, cape, spit  
    make, production, prepare, build  
    plane, sharpen, whittle, pare  
    yesterday, previous  
    scheme, plan, policy, step, means  
    cord, rope  
    confused, mix, be in disorder  
    tome, counter for books, volume  
    printing, print  
    guess, presume, surmise, judge, understand  
    snapshot, take pictures  
    grate, rub, scratch, scrape, chafe, scour  
    tag, paper money, counter for bonds, placard, bid  
    kill, murder, butcher, slice off, split, diminish, reduce, spoil  
    dish, a helping, plate  
    nonplussed, three, going, coming, visiting, visit, be defeated, die, be madly in love  
    wretched, disaster, cruelty, harsh  
    scatter, disperse, spend, squander  
    scaffold, cleat, frame, jetty, bolt (door)  
    calculate, divining, number, abacus, probability  
    approve, praise, title or inscription on picture, assist, agree with  
    acid, bitterness, sour, tart  
    temporarily, a while, moment, long time  
    remainder, leftover, balance  
    attend, doing, official, serve  
    pay respects, visit, ask, inquire, question, implore  
    thorn, pierce, stab, prick, sting, calling card  
    director, official, govt office, rule, administer  
    history, chronicle  
    heir, succeed  
    gentleman, samurai, samurai radical (no. 33)  
    commence, begin  
    elder sister  
姿     figure, form, shape  
    market, city, town  
    expert, teacher, master, model, exemplar, army (incl. counter), war  
    intention, plan, resolve, aspire, motive, hopes, shilling  
    finger, point to, indicate, put into, play (chess), measure (ruler)  
    branch, support, sustain, branch radical (no. 65)  
    alms, apply bandages, administer first-aid  
    delicious, relish, show a liking for, purport, will, clever, expert  
    bough, branch, twig, limb, counter for branches  
    stop, halt  
    death, die  
    welfare, happiness  
    private, I, me  
    purple, violet  
    limb, arms & legs  
    fat, grease, tallow, lard, rosin, gum, tar  
    climax, arrive, proceed, reach, attain, result in  
    inspection, regard as, see, look at  
    part of speech, words, poetry  
    poem, poetry  
    test, try, attempt, experiment, ordeal  
    document, records  
    consult with  
    assets, resources, capital, funds, data, be conducive to, contribute to  
    grant, gift, boon, results  
    feminine, female  
    domesticate, raise, keep, feed  
    tooth, cog  
    becoming, resemble, counterfeit, imitate, suitable  
    waiter, samurai, wait upon, serve  
    Buddhist temple  
    hold, have  
    time, hour  
    next, order, sequence  
    nourishing, more & more, be luxuriant, planting, turbidity  
    reign, be at peace, calm down, subdue, quell, govt, cure, heal, rule, conserve  
    emperor's seal  
    magnet, porcelain  
    show, indicate, point out, express, display  
    resign, word, term, expression  
    style, ceremony, rite, function, method, system, form, expression  
    discriminating, know, write  
    axis, pivot, stem, stalk, counter for book scrolls  
    tenacious, take hold, grasp, take to heart  
    lose, error, fault, disadvantage, loss  
    room, apartment, chamber, greenhouse, cellar  
湿     damp, wet, moist  
    lacquer, varnish, seven  
    substance, quality, matter, temperament  
    reality, truth  
    turf, lawn  
    cottage, inn, hut, house, mansion  
    copy, be photographed, describe  
    shoot, shine into, onto, archery  
    discard, throw away, abandon, resign, reject, sacrifice  
    pardon, forgiveness  
    diagonal, slanting, oblique  
    boil, cook  
    company, firm, office, association, shrine  
    apologize, thank, refuse  
    intercept, interrupt, obstruct  
    wicked, injustice, wrong  
    borrow, rent  
    ladle, one tenth of a go, dip  
    shaku, Japanese foot, measure, scale, rule  
    baron, peerage, court rank  
    bar-tending, serving sake, the host, draw (water), ladle, scoop, pump  
    young, if, perhaps, possibly, low number, immature  
    loneliness, quietly, mellow, mature, death of a priest  
    weak, frail  
    lord, chief, master, main thing, principal  
    take, fetch, take up  
    guard, protect, defend, obey  
    vermilion, cinnabar, scarlet, red, bloody  
    particularly, especially, exceptionally  
    hunt, raid, gather  
    pearl, gem, jewel  
    species, kind, class, variety, seed  
    gist, proceed to, tend, become  
    sake, alcohol  
    neck, counter for songs and poems  
    accept, undergo, answer (phone), take, get, catch, receive  
寿     longevity, congratulations, one's natural life  
    impart, instruct, grant, confer  
    timber trees, wood  
    demand, request, need  
    captured, criminal, arrest, catch  
    income, obtain, reap, pay, supply, store  
    circumference, circuit, lap  
    religion, sect, denomination, main point, origin, essence  
    concerning, settle, take position, depart, study, per  
    state, province  
    discipline, conduct oneself well, study, master  
    distress, grieve, lament, be anxious  
    pick up, gather, find, go on foot, ten  
    excel, excellence, beauty, surpass  
    end, finish  
    stinking, ill-smelling, suspicious looking, odor, savor, fragrance, be fragrant, stink, glow, be bright  
    boat, ship  
    masses, great numbers, multitude, populace  
    attack, advance on, succeed to, pile, heap  
    repay, reward, retribution  
    gather, meet, congregate, swarm, flock  
    ugly, unclean, shame, bad looking  
    dwell, reside, live, inhabit  
    allot, fill  
    accompany, obey, submit to, comply, follow, secondary, incidental, subordinate  
    tender, weakness, gentleness, softness  
    soup, juice, broth, sap, gravy, pus  
    astringent, hesitate, reluctant, have diarrhea  
    animal, beast  
    vertical, length, height, self-indulgent, wayward  
    heavy, heap up, pile up, nest of boxes, -fold  
    gun, arms  
    uncle, youth  
宿     inn, lodging, relay station, dwell, lodge, be pregnant, home, dwelling  
    graceful, gentle, pure  
    celebrate, congratulate  
    shrink, contract, shrivel, wrinkle, reduce  
    solemn, quietly, softly  
    cram school, private school  
    mellow, ripen, mature, acquire skill  
    exit, leave, go out, come out, put out, protrude  
    art, technique, skill, means, trick, resources, magic  
    mention, state, speak, relate  
    sagacious, genius, excellence  
    springtime, spring (season)  
    wink, blink, twinkle  
    quasi-, semi-, associate  
    sequential, fellow  
    decameron, 10-day period, season (for specific products)  
    martyrdom, follow by resigning  
    semi-, correspond to, proportionate to, conform, imitate  
    wet, be watered, profit by, receive benefits, favor, charm, steep  
    shield, escutcheon, pretext  
    genuine, purity, innocence, net (profit)  
    patrol, go around, circumference  
    abide by, follow, obey, learn  
    obey, order, turn, right, docility, occasion  
    dispose, manage, deal with, sentence, condemn, act, behave, place  
    first time, beginning  
    sultry, hot, summer heat  
    commoner, all, bastard  
    thong, beginning, inception, end, cord, strap  
    signature, govt office, police station  
    various, many, several, together  
    help, rescue, assist  
    confer, relate, narrate, describe  
    woman, female  
    preface, beginning, order, precedence, occasion, chance, incidentally  
    gradually, slowly, deliberately, gently  
    exclude, division (x/3), remove, abolish, cancel, except  
    wound, hurt, injure, impair, pain, injury, cut, gash, scar, weak point  
    reparation, make up for, recompense, redeem  
    victory, win, prevail, excel  
    artisan, workman, carpenter  
    measuring box, 1.8 liter  
    seduce, call, send for, wear, put on, ride in, buy, eat, drink, catch (cold)  
    make a deal, selling, dealing in, merchant  
    chant, recite, call upon, yell  
    exhort, urge, encourage  
    wee hours, evening, early night  
    leader, commander, general, admiral, or, and again, soon, from now on, just about  
    little, small  
    few, little  
    esteem, furthermore, still, yet  
    bed, counter for beds, floor, padding, tatami  
    patent, clear  
    acquiesce, hear, listen to, be informed, receive  
    extract, selection, summary, copy, spread thin  
    beckon, invite, summon, engage  
    manipulate, rule, administer, conduct, palm of hand  
    rise up  
    shining, bright  
    sparkle, clear, crystal  
    pine tree  
    marsh, lake, bog, swamp, pond  
    extinguish, blow out, turn off, neutralize, cancel  
    ford, ferry, port  
    bake, burning  
    char, hurry, impatient, irritate, burn, scorch, singe  
    illuminate, shine, compare, bashful  
    symptoms, illness  
    focus, government ministry, conserve  
    nitrate, saltpeter  
    reef, sunken rock  
    auspicious, happiness, blessedness, good omen, good fortune  
    appellation, praise, admire, name, title, fame  
    cosmetics, adorn (one's person)  
    introduce, inherit, help  
    collide, brunt, highway, opposition (astronomy), thrust, pierce, stab, prick  
    sue, accuse  
    evidence, proof, certificate  
    imperial edict  
    detailed, full, minute, accurate, well-informed  
    elephant, pattern after, imitate, image, shape, sign (of the times)  
    prize, reward, praise  
    bell, gong, chimes  
    hinder, hurt, harm  
    above, up  
    length, 10feet, measure, Mr., Ms., height, stature, all (one has), only, that's all, merely,  
    ride, power, multiplication, record, counter for vehicles, board, mount, join  
    superfluous, uselessness  
    surplus, besides  
    location, place  
    lot, earth, soil  
    lass, girl, Miss, daughter  
    usual, ordinary, normal, regular  
    feelings, emotion, passion, sympathy, circumstances, facts  
    article, clause, item, stripe, streak  
    clean, purify, cleanse, exorcise, Manchu Dynasty  
    status quo, conditions, circumstances, form, appearance  
    tatami mat, counter for tatami mats, fold, shut up, do away with  
    steam, heat, sultry, foment, get musty  
    defer, turnover, transfer, convey  
    brew, cause  
    lock, fetters, shackles  
    entrust, request, send a message  
    decorate, ornament, adorn, embellish  
    augment, increase, multiply, raise  
    weave, fabric  
    post, employment, work  
    contact, touch, feel, hit, proclaim, announce, conflict  
    eat, food  
    embarrass, humiliate, shame  
    expand, stretch, extend, lengthen, increase  
    faith, truth, fidelity, trust  
    encroach, invade, raid, trespass, violate  
    lie down, sleep, rest, bed, remain unsold  
    hearing, judge, trial  
    heart, mind, spirit, heart radical (no. 61)  
    humility, be careful, discrete, prudent  
    shake, wave, wag, swing  
    forest, woods  
    immersed, soak, dip, steep, moisten, wet, dunk  
    deep, heighten, intensify, strengthen  
    have the honor to, sign of the monkey, 3-5PM, ninth sign of Chinese zodiac  
    true, reality, Buddhist sect  
    gods, mind, soul  
    sire, good belt, gentleman  
    retainer, subject  
    fuel, firewood, kindling  
    parent, intimacy, relative, familiarity, dealer (cards)  
    checkup, seeing, diagnose, examine  
    somebody, person, one's station in life  
    spicy, bitter, hot, acrid  
    advance, proceed, progress, promote  
    needle, pin, staple, stinger  
    quake, shake, tremble, quiver, shiver  
    humanity, virtue, benevolence, charity, man, kernel  
    blade, sword, edge  
    inquire, fathom, look for  
    tremendously, very, great, exceedingly  
    exhaust, use up, run out of, deplete, befriend, serve  
    swift, fast  
    camp, battle array, ranks, position  
    vinegar, sour, acid, tart  
    map, drawing, plan, unexpected, accidentally  
    droop, suspend, hang, slouch  
    commander, leading troops, governor  
    conjecture, infer, guess, suppose, support  
    cook, boil  
    drowsy, sleep, die  
    chic, style, purity, essence, pith, cream, elite, choice  
    decline, wane, weaken  
    consummate, accomplish, attain, commit (suicide)  
    drunk, feel sick, poisoned, elated, spellbound  
    weight, plumb bob, sinker  
    follow, though, notwithstanding, while, during, both, all, obey, submit to, comply, at the mercy of (the waves),  
    marrow, pith  
    adore, respect, revere, worship  
    number, strength, fate, law, figures  
    hinge, pivot, door  
    set, lay a foundation, install, equip, squat down, sit down  
    cedar, cryptomeria  
    lucidity, be clear, clear, clarify, settle, strain, look grave  
    measurement, foot/10  
    generation, world, society, public  
    rapids, current, torrent, shallows, shoal  
    furrow, 30 tsubo, ridge, rib  
    just so, this, right, justice  
    system, law, rule  
    forces, energy, military strength  
    subjugate, attack the rebellious, collect taxes  
    sex, gender, nature  
    turn into, become, get, grow, elapse, reach  
    correct, justice, righteous, 10**40  
    politics, government  
    organize, arranging, tune, tone, meter, key (music)  
    star, spot, dot, mark  
    clear up  
    pure, purify, cleanse, exorcise, Manchu dynasty  
    life, genuine, birth  
    animal sacrifice, offering  
    boom, prosper, copulate  
    refined, ghost, fairy, energy, vitality, semen, excellence, purity, skill  
    holy, saint, sage, master, priest  
    made in..., manufacture  
西     west, Spain  
    sincerity, admonish, warn, prohibit, truth, fidelity  
    vow, swear, pledge  
    solicit, invite, ask  
    departed, die  
    blue, green, unripe, immature  
    adjusted, alike, equal, similar variety of  
    tax, duty  
    vessels, counter for ships, fish, birds, arrows, one of a pair  
    seat, mat, occasion, place  
    pity, be sparing of, frugal, stingy, regret  
    reject, retreat, recede, withdraw, repel, repulse  
    once upon a time, antiquity, old times  
    chop, divide, tear, analyze  
    volume, product (x*y), acreage, contents, pile up, stack, load, amass  
    enroll, domiciliary register, membership  
    exploits, unreeling cocoons  
    blame, condemn, censure  
    tracks, mark, print, impression  
    cut, cutoff, be sharp  
    bungling, clumsy, unskillful  
    touch, contact, adjoin, piece together  
    vicarious, surrogate, act in addition to  
    fold, break, fracture, bend, yield, submit  
    establishment, provision, prepare  
    stealth, steal, secret, private, hushed  
    node, season, period, occasion, verse, clause, stanza, honor, joint, knuckle, knob, knot  
    rumor, opinion, theory  
    discontinue, beyond, sever, cut off, abstain, interrupt, suppress  
    tongue, reed, clapper  
    hermit, wizard, cent  
    before, ahead, previous, future, precedence  
    fortune-telling, divining, forecasting, occupy, hold, have, get, take  
    proclaim, say, announce  
    specialty, exclusive, mainly, solely  
    stream, river, river or 3-stroke river radical (no. 47)  
    war, battle, match  
    fan, folding fan  
    plug, bolt, cork, bung, stopper  
    spring, fountain  
    shallow, superficial, frivolous, wretched, shameful  
    wash, inquire into, probe  
    dye, color, paint, stain, print  
    submerge, conceal, hide, lower (voice), hush  
    rotation, go around  
    line, track  
    slender, fine, thin kimono  
    ship, boat  
    recommend, mat, advise, encourage, offer  
    tread, step on, trample, practice, carry through  
    elect, select, choose, prefer  
    transition, move, change  
    coin, .01 yen, money  
    pig iron  
    fresh, vivid, clear, brilliant, Korea  
    in front, before  
    virtuous, good, goodness  
    steadily, gradually advancing, finally, barely  
    sort of thing, so, if so, in that case, well  
    Zen, silent meditation  
    darning, repair, mend, trim, tidy up, adjust  
    model, molding  
    set aside, give up, suspend, discontinue, lay aside, except  
    cornerstone, foundation stone  
    ancestor, pioneer, founder  
    tariff, crop tax, borrowing  
    coarse, rough, rugged  
    elementary, principle, naked, uncovered  
    association, braid, plait, construct, assemble, unite, cooperate, grapple  
    accusation, sue, complain of pain, appeal to  
    thwart, separate from, prevent, obstruct, deter, impede  
    alienate, rough, neglect, shun, sparse  
    Buddhist priest, monk  
    genesis, wound, injury, hurt, start, originate  
    pair, set, comparison, counter for pairs  
    godown, warehouse, storehouse, cellar, treasury  
    miss, mourning  
    robust, manhood, prosperity  
    play music, speak to a ruler, complete  
    stratum, social class, layer, story, floor  
    concept, think, idea, thought  
    search, look for, locate  
    sweep, brush  
    insert, put in, graft, wear (sword)  
    maneuver, manipulate, operate, steer, chastity, virginity, fidelity  
    early, fast  
    cadet, friend  
    nest, rookery, hive, cobweb, den  
    vat, tub, tank  
    parch, dry up  
    contend, dispute, argue  
    inter-, mutual, together, each other, minister of state, councillor, aspect, phase, physiognomy  
    window, pane  
    general, whole, all, full, total  
    grass, weeds, herbs, pasture, write, draft  
    villa, inn, cottage, feudal manor  
    interment, bury, shelve  
    seaweed, duckweed  
    attire, dress, pretend, disguise, profess  
    escort, send  
    encounter, meet, party, association, interview, join  
    boisterous, make noise, clamor, disturb, excite  
    statue, picture, image, figure, portrait  
    increase, add, augment, gain, promote  
    hate, detest  
    entrails, viscera, bowels  
    storehouse, hide, own, have, possess  
    presents, send, give to, award to, confer on, presenting something  
    create, make, structure, physique  
    stimulate, urge, press, demand, incite  
    side, lean, oppose, regret  
    rule, follow, based on, model after  
    instant, namely, as is, conform, agree, adapt  
    bundle, sheaf, ream, tie in bundles, govern, manage, control  
    fathom, plan, scheme, measure  
    leg, foot, be sufficient, counter for pairs of footwear  
    quick, fast  
    vulgar, customs, manners, worldliness, mundane things  
    belong, genus, subordinate official, affiliated  
    burglar, rebel, traitor, robber  
    tribe, family  
    continue, series, sequel  
    graduate, soldier, private, die  
    suppose, be aware of, believe, feel  
    revered, valuable, precious, noble, exalted  
    damage, loss, disadvantage, hurt, injure  
    other, another, the others  
    many, frequent, much  
    plump, thick, big around  
    degenerate, descend to, lapse into  
    gentle, peace, depravity  
    lazy, laziness  
    burdensome, pack horse, horse load, send by horse  
    body, substance, object, reality, counter for images  
    vis-a-vis, opposite, even, equal, versus, anti-, compare  
    -proof, enduring  
    sash, belt, obi, zone, region  
    wait, depend on  
    neglect, laziness  
    attitude, condition, figure, appearance, voice (of verbs)  
    exchange, spare, substitute, per-  
    peaceful, calm, peace, easy, Thailand  
    stagnate, be delayed, overdue, arrears  
    womb, uterus  
    sack, bag, pouch  
退     retreat, withdraw, retire, resign, repel, expel, reject  
    apprehend, chase  
    regiment, party, company, squad  
    substitute, change, convert, replace, period, age, counter for decades of ages, eras, etc., generation, charge, rate, fee,  
    pedestal, a stand, counter for machines and vehicles  
    large, big  
    No., residence  
    topic, subject  
    waterfall, rapids, cascade  
    eminent, table, desk, high  
    home, house, residence, our house, my husband  
    choose, select, elect, prefer  
    clear (the land), open, break up (land)  
    laundry, wash, pour on, rinse  
    consign, requesting, entrusting with, pretend, hint  
    voiced, uncleanness, wrong, nigori, impurity  
    consent, assent, agreement  
    however, but  
    accomplished, reach, arrive, attain  
    rob, take by force, snatch away, dispossess, plunder, usurp  
    undress, removing, escape from, get rid of, be left out, take off  
    shelf, ledge, rack, mount, mantle, trellis  
    rust-colored, red, red lead, pills  
    sigh, lament, moan, grieve  
    shouldering, carry, raise, bear  
    grope, search, look for  
    thin, faint, pale, fleeting  
    charcoal, coal  
    short, brevity, fault, defect, weak point  
    edge, origin, end, point, border, verge, cape  
    gall bladder, courage, pluck, nerve  
    nativity, be born, declension, lie, be arbitrary  
    forge, discipline, train  
    group, association  
    podium, stage, rostrum, terrace  
    bullet, twang, flip, snap  
    severance, decline, refuse, apologize, warn, dismiss, prohibit, decision, judgement, cutting  
    grade, steps, stairs  
    discuss, talk  
    price, cost, value  
    know, wisdom  
    ground, earth  
    shame, dishonor  
    pond, cistern, pool, reservoir  
    stupid, foolish  
    immature, young  
    placement, put, set, deposit, leave behind, keep, employ, pawn  
    doth, do, send, forward, cause, exert, incur, engage  
    slow, late, back, later  
    fabricate, build, construct  
    livestock, domestic fowl and animals  
    amass, keeping a concubine, phonograph  
    pursue, drive away, chase, accomplish, attain, commit  
    regularity, salary, order  
    plug up, obstruct  
    legitimate wife, direct descent (non-bastard)  
    don, arrive, wear, counter for suits of clothing  
    in, inside, middle, mean, center  
    go-between, relationship  
    mid-air, air, space, sky, memorization, interval of time  
    loyalty, fidelity, faithfulness  
    pluck, pull, extract, excel  
    daytime, noon  
    king, rule, magnate  
    pillar, post, cylinder, support  
    pour, irrigate, shed (tears), flow into, concentrate on, notes, comment, annotate  
    wind, air, style, manner  
    insect, bug, temper  
    inmost, heart, mind, inside  
    casting, mint  
    stop-over, reside in, resident  
    renowned, publish, write, remarkable, phenomenal, put on, don, wear, arrival, finish (race), counter for suits of clothing, literary work  
    savings, store, lay in, keep, wear mustache  
    portent, 10**12, trillion, sign, omen, symptoms  
    challenge, contend for, make love to  
    notebook, account book, album, curtain, veil, net, tent  
    government office  
    lengthen, counter for bows & stringed instruments, stretch, spread, put up (tent)  
    carve, engrave, chisel  
    indications, sign, omen, symptom, collect, seek, refer to, question  
    penal, chastise, punish, discipline  
    morning, dynasty, regime, epoch, period, (North) Korea  
    tide, salt water, opportunity  
    town, village, block, street  
    stare, watch, look at, see, scrutinize  
    listen, headstrong, naughty, careful inquiry  
    dilate, distend, bulge, fill out, swell  
    intestines, guts, bowels, viscera  
調     tune, tone, meter, key (music), writing style, prepare, exorcise, investigate  
    transcend, super-, ultra-  
    hop, leap up, spring, jerk, prance, buck, splash, sputter, snap  
    long, leader  
    place on the head, receive, top of head, top, summit, peak  
    bird, chicken  
    imperial order  
    straightaway, honesty, frankness, fix, repair  
    majestic plural, imperial we  
    sink, be submerged, subside, be depressed, aloes  
    rare, curious, strange  
    fare, fee, hire, rent, wages, charge  
    tranquilize, ancient peace-preservation centers  
    exhibit, state, relate, explain  
    haven, port, harbor, ferry  
    crash, fall (down)  
    chase, drive away, follow, pursue, meanwhile  
    pain, hurt, damage, bruise  
    traffic, pass through, avenue, commute, counter for letters, notes, documents, etc.  
    hillock, mound  
    pickling, soak, moisten, steep  
    two-mat area, ‾36 sq ft  
    angling, fish, catch, allure, ensnare  
    pavilion, restaurant, mansion, arbor, cottage, vaudeville, music hall, stage name  
    lower, short, humble  
    halt, stopping  
    upright, chastity, constancy, righteousness  
    display, offer, present, send, exhibit  
    dike, bank, embankment  
    determine, fix, establish, decide  
    sovereign, the emperor, god, creator  
    bottom, sole, depth, bottom price, base, kind, sort  
    courtyard, garden, yard  
    courts, imperial court, government office  
    younger brother, faithful service to elders  
    resist, reach, touch  
    propose, take along, carry in hand  
    extent, degree, law, formula, distance, limits, amount  
    tighten, tie, shut, lock, fasten  
    rowboat, small boat  
    revise, correct, decide  
    relay, in turn, sending  
    residence, mansion  
    mud, mire, adhere to, be attached to  
    pinch, pick, pluck, trim, clip, summarize  
    enemy, foe, opponent  
    drip, drop  
    bull's eye, mark, target, object, adjective ending  
    flute, clarinet, pipe, whistle, bagpipe, piccolo  
    suitable, occasional, rare, qualified, capable  
    philosophy, clear  
    remove, withdraw, disarm, dismantle, reject, exclude  
    transfer, alternation  
    code, ceremony, law, rule  
    heavens, sky, imperial  
    unfold, expand  
    store, shop  
    annexed, accompany, marry, suit, meet, satisfy, attach, append, garnish, imitate  
    revolve, turn around, change  
    spot, point, mark, speck, decimal point  
    transmit, go along, walk along, follow, report, communicate, legend, tradition  
殿     Mr., hall, mansion, palace, temple, lord  
    rice field, rice paddy  
    spit, vomit, belch, confess, tell (lies)  
    paint, plaster, daub, smear, coating  
    junior, emptiness, vanity, futility, uselessness, ephemeral thing, gang, set, party, people  
    Big Dipper, 10 sho (vol), sake dipper, dots and cross radical (no. 68)  
    transit, ford, ferry, cross, import, deliver, diameter, migrate  
    ascend, climb up  
    route, way, road  
    metropolis, capital  
    toil, diligent, as much as possible  
    degrees, occurrence, time, counter for occurrences  
    soil, earth, ground, Turkey  
    guy, slave, manservant, fellow  
    angry, be offended  
    overthrow, fall, collapse, drop, break down  
    party, faction, clique  
    frozen, congeal, refrigerate  
    sword, saber, knife  
    T'ang, China  
    pagoda, tower, steeple  
    lament, grieve over  
    throw, discard, abandon, launch into, join, invest in, hurl, give up, sell at a loss  
    board, load (a vehicle), ride  
    peach tree  
    ridgepole, ridge  
    steal, rob, pilfer  
    hot water, bath, hot spring  
    pox, smallpox  
    etc., and so forth, class (first), quality, equal, similar  
    solution, answer  
    cylinder, pipe, tube, gun barrel, sleeve  
    overall, relationship, ruling, governing  
    arrival, proceed, reach, attain, result in  
    chastise, attack, defeat, destroy, conquer  
    mimeograph, copy  
    beans, pea, midget  
    step, trample, carry through, appraise, evade payment  
    escape, flee, shirk, evade, set free  
    transparent, permeate, filter, penetrate  
    pottery, porcelain  
    head, counter for large animals  
    inflation, advancing, going  
    fight, war  
    work, (kokuji)  
    move, motion, change, confusion, shift, shake  
    same, agree, equal  
    public chamber, hall  
    guidance, leading, conduct, usher  
    den, cave, excavation  
    trunk, torso, hull (ship), hub of wheel  
    mountain peak, mountain pass, climax, crest, (kokuji)  
    hide, shelter, shield  
    gain, get, find, earn, acquire, can, may, able to, profit, advantage, benefit,  
    benevolence, virtue, goodness, commanding respect  
    coach, command, urge, lead, supervise  
    fervent, kind, cordial, serious, deliberate  
    poison, virus, venom, germ, harm, injury, spite  
    single, alone, spontaneously, Germany  
    convex, beetle brow, uneven  
    stab, protruding, thrusting, thrust, pierce, prick  
    deliver, reach, arrive, report, notify, forward  
    barracks, police station, camp  
    pork, pig  
    cloudy weather, cloud up  
    dull, slow, foolish, blunt  
    inside, within, between, among, house, home  
    straw rope, cord  
    difficult, impossible, trouble, accident, defect  
    two, two radical (no.2)  
    II, two, second  
    day, sun, Japan, counter for days  
    milk, breasts  
    enter, insert  
    likeness, like, such as, as if, better, best, equal  
尿     urine  
    responsibility, duty, term, entrust to, appoint  
    endure, bear, put up with, conceal, secrete, spy, sneak  
    acknowledge, witness, discern, recognize, appreciate, believe  
    rather, preferably  
    heat, temperature, fever, mania, passion  
    year, counter for years  
    wish, sense, idea, thought, feeling, desire, attention  
    burn, blaze, glow  
    sticky, glutinous, greasy, persevere  
    trouble, worry, in pain, distress, illness  
    concentrated, thick, dark, undiluted  
    settlement, obtain, reap, pay, supply, store  
    ability, talent, skill, capacity  
    brain, memory  
    agriculture, farmers  
    grasp, faggot, bunch, counter for bundles  
    hegemony, supremacy, leadership, champion  
    waves, billows, Poland  
    faction, group, party, clique, sect, school  
    rend, rip, tear, break, destroy, defeat, frustrate  
    old woman, grandma, wet nurse  
    haiku, actor  
    abolish, obsolete, cessation, discarding, abandon  
    worship, adore, pray to  
    repudiate, exclude, expel, reject  
    failure, defeat, reversal  
    counter for cupfuls, wine glass, glass, toast  
    stature, height, back, behind, disobey, defy, go back on, rebel  
    comrade, fellow, people, companions  
    distribute, spouse, exile, rationing  
    double, twice, times, fold  
    cultivate, foster  
    mediator, go-between  
    compensation, indemnify  
    obeisance, follow, accompany, attend on  
    chief, count, earl, uncle, Brazil  
    Dr., command, esteem, win acclaim, Ph.D., exposition, fair  
    clap, beat (music)  
    overnight, put up at, ride at anchor, 3-day stay  
    liner, ship  
    dilute, thin, weak (tea)  
    urge, force, imminent, spur on  
    vague, obscure, desert, wide  
    bomb, burst open, pop, split  
    truss, arrest, bind, tie, restrain  
    barley, wheat  
    box, chest, case, bin, railway car  
    texture, skin, body, grain  
    farm, field, garden, one's specialty, (kokuji)  
    eight, eight radical (no. 12)  
    bowl, rice tub, pot, crown  
    discharge, departure, publish, emit, start from, disclose, counter for gunshots  
    hair of the head  
    penalty, punishment  
    slip out, extract, pull out, pilfer, quote, remove, omit  
    clique, lineage, pedigree, faction, clan  
    consort, accompany, bring with, companion  
    judgement, signature, stamp, seal  
    half, middle, odd number, semi-, part-  
    conveyor, carry, transport  
    plank, board, plate, stage  
    printing block, printing plate, edition, impression, label  
    crime, sin, offense  
    squad, corps, unit, group  
    paddy ridge, levee  
    luxuriant, thick, overgrown, frequency, complexity, trouble  
    carrier, carry, all  
    clan, enclosure  
    marketing, sell, trade  
    pattern, example, model  
    anxiety, trouble, worry, pain, ill, annoy, nuisance, irksome  
    distribute, disseminate, partition, understand  
    meal, boiled rice  
    nightfall, night  
    turn, number in a series  
    tray, shallow bowl, platter, tub, board, phonograph record  
    lowly, base, vile, vulgar  
    negate, no, noes, refuse, decline, deny  
    queen, princess  
    he, that, the  
    front door, title page, front page  
    expose, open  
    compare, race, ratio, Philipines  
    ooze, flow, soak in, penetrate, secrete  
    exhausted, tire, weary  
    pelt, skin, hide, leather, skin radical (no. 107)  
    tombstone, monument  
    secret, conceal  
    quit, stop, leave, withdraw, go  
    fertilizer, get fat, fertile, manure, pamper  
    incur, cover, veil, brood over, shelter, wear, put on, be exposed (film), receiving  
    expense, cost, spend, consume, waste  
    evade, avoid, avert, ward off, shirk, shun  
    un-, mistake, negative, injustice, non-  
    fly, skip (pages), scatter  
    equip, provision, preparation  
    tail, end, counter for fish, lower slope of mountain  
    delicate, minuteness, insignificance  
    beauty, beautiful  
    nose, snout  
    equal, head, counter for small animals, roll of cloth  
    invariably, certain, inevitable  
    writing brush, writing, painting brush, handwriting  
    bag, bale, sack, counter for bags  
    icicle, ice, hail, freeze, congeal  
    drift, float (on liquid)  
    ballot, label, ticket, sign  
    surface, table, chart, diagram  
    evaluate, criticism, comment  
    sketch, compose, write, draw, paint  
    ill, sick  
    second (1/60 minute)  
    seedling, sapling, shoot  
    goods, refinement, dignity, article, counter for meal courses  
    seacoast, beach, seashore  
    poverty, poor  
    V.I.P., guest  
    repeatedly, recur  
    cleverness, agile, alert  
    flower pot, bottle, vial, jar, jug, vat, urn  
    negative, non-, bad, ugly, clumsy  
    adhere, attach, refer to, append  
    husband, man  
    lady, woman, wife, bride  
    wealth, enrich, abundant  
    linen, cloth  
    borough, urban prefecture, govt office, representative body, storehouse  
    dreadful, be frightened, fearful  
    aid, help, assist  
    spread, pave, sit, promulgate  
    universal, wide(ly), generally, Prussia  
    floating, float, rise to surface  
    token, sign, mark, tally, charm  
    rot, decay, sour  
    skin, body, grain, texture, disposition  
    musical score, music, note, staff, table, genealogy  
    defeat, negative, -, minus, bear, owe, assume a responsibility  
    levy, ode, prose, poem, tribute, installment  
    proceed, get, become, tend  
    affixed, attach, refer to, append  
    scorn, despise, make light of, contempt  
    warrior, military, chivalry, arms  
    dance, flit, circle, wheel  
    section, bureau, dept, class, copy, part, portion, counter for copies of a newspaper or magazine  
    seal, closing  
    prostrated, bend down, bow, cover, lay (pipes)  
    vice-, duplicate, copy  
    restore, return to, revert, resume  
    hanging scroll, width  
    clothing, admit, obey, discharge  
    blessing, fortune, luck, wealth  
    abdomen, belly, stomach  
    duplicate, double, compound, multiple  
    capsize, cover, shade, mantle, be ruined  
    pay, clear out, prune, banish, dispose of  
    seethe, boil, ferment, uproar, breed  
    erupt, spout, emit, flush out  
    tomb, mound  
    aroused, resent, be indignant, anger  
    stirred up, be invigorated, flourish  
    flour, powder, dust  
    distract, be mistaken for, go astray, divert  
    atmosphere, fog  
    sentence, literature, style, art, decoration, figures, plan, literary radical (no. 67)  
    hear, ask, listen  
    third class, 3rd, 3rd calendar sign  
    join, get together, unite, collective  
    soldier, private, troops, army, warfare, strategy, tactics  
    fence, wall, (kokuji)  
    cash, bad habit, humble prefix, gift, Shinto offerings of cloth, rope, cut paper  
    even, flat, peace  
    abuse, evil, vice, breakage  
    design, pattern, build, nature, handle, crank, grip, knob, shaft  
    row, and, besides, as well as, line up, rank with, rival, equal  
    closed, shut  
    highness, steps (of throne)  
    rice, USA, metre  
    wall, lining (stomach), fence  
    mannerism, habit, vice, trait, fault, kink  
    separate, branch off, diverge, fork, another, extra, specially  
    partial, side, left-side radical, inclining, biased  
    one-sided, leaf, sheet, right-side kata radical (no. 91)  
    compilation, knit, plait, braid, twist, editing, completed poem, part of a book  
    environs, boundary, border, vicinity  
    return, answer, fade, repay  
    everywhere, times, widely, generally  
便     convenience  
    valve, petal, braid, speech, dialect, discrimination, dispose of, distinguish  
    protect, guarantee, keep, preserve, sustain, support  
    shop, store  
    catch, capture  
    walk, counter for steps  
    supplement, supply, make good, offset, compensate, assistant, learner  
    ear, ear (grain), head, crest (wave)  
    recruit, campaign, gather (contributions), enlist, grow violent  
    grave, tomb  
    pining, yearn for, love dearly, adore  
    livelihood, make a living, spend time  
簿     register, record book  
    emulate, imitate  
    stipend, salary  
    wrap, pack up, cover, conceal  
    report, news, reward, retribution  
    observance, offer, present, dedicate  
    treasure, wealth, valuables  
    summit, peak  
    crumble, die, demolish, level  
    embrace, hug, hold in arms  
    set free, release, fire, shoot, emit, banish, liberate  
    direction, person, alternative  
    method, law, rule, principle, model, system  
    bubbles, foam, suds, froth  
    cannon, gun  
    sew, stitch, embroider  
    placenta, sac, sheath  
    perfume, balmy, favorable, fragrant  
    praise, extol  
    call on, visit, look up, offer sympathy  
    bountiful, excellent, rich  
    home country, country, Japan  
    sated, tired of, bored, satiate  
    destitution, scarce, limited  
    deceased, the late, dying, perish  
    bystander, side, besides, while, nearby, 3rd person  
    boy, priest's residence, priest  
    disturb, prevent, hamper, obstruct  
    cap, headgear  
    busy, occupied, restless  
    tassel, tuft, fringe, bunch, lock (hair), segment (orange), house, room  
    outburst, rave, fret, force, violence, cruelty, outrage  
    ambition, full moon, hope, desire, aspire to, expect  
    so-and-so, one, a certain, that person  
    rod, stick, cane, pole, club, line  
    risk, face, defy, dare, damage, assume (a name)  
    obese, fat  
    swell, get fat, thick  
    conspire, cheat, impose on, plan, devise, scheme, have in mind, deceive  
貿     trade, exchange  
    ward off, defend, protect, resist  
    me, I (male)  
    black ink, India ink, ink stick, Mexico  
    crude, simple, plain, docile  
    breed, care for, shepherd, feed, pasture  
    drown, sink, hide, fall into, disappear, die  
    ditch, moat, canal  
    run, bustle  
    book, present, main, origin, true, real, counter for long cylindrical things  
    flip, turn over, wave, flutter, change (mind)  
    basin, lantern festival, tray  
    chafe, rub, polish, grind, scrape  
    grind, polish, scour, improve, brush (teeth)  
    witch, demon, evil spirit  
    hemp, flax  
    bury, be filled up, embedded  
    younger sister  
    sheet of..., counter for flat thin objects or sheets  
    curtain, bunting, act of play  
    or again, furthermore, on the other hand  
    rub, paint, erase  
    end, close, tip, powder, posterity  
    ten thousand,   10, 000  
    ridicule, laziness  
    full, fullness, enough, satisfy  
    cartoon, involuntarily, in spite of oneself, corrupt  
    flavor, taste  
    un-, not yet, hitherto, still, even now, sign of the ram, 1-3PM, eighth sign of Chinese zodiac  
    fascination, charm, bewitch  
    headland, cape, spit, promontory  
    secrecy, density (pop), minuteness, carefulness  
    vein, pulse, hope  
    exquisite, strange, queer, mystery, miracle, excellent, delicate, charming  
    people, nation, subjects  
    sleep, die, sleepy  
    task, duties  
    halberd, arms, festival float  
    alliance, oath  
    astray, be perplexed, in doubt, lost, err, illusion  
    inscription, signature (of artisan)  
    chirp, cry, bark, sound, ring, echo, honk  
    destroy, ruin, overthrow, perish  
    excuse, dismissal  
綿     cotton  
    mask, face, features, surface  
    imitation, copy, mock  
    overgrown, grow thick, be luxuriant  
    delusion, unnecessarily, without authority, reckless  
    fur, hair, feather, down  
    fierce, rave, rush, become furious, wildness, strength  
    blind, blind man, ignoramus  
    netting, network  
    tree, wood  
    silence, become silent, stop speaking, leave as is  
    eye, class, look, insight, experience, care, favor  
    re-, return, revert, resume, restore, go backwards  
    question, ask, problem  
    family crest, figures  
    gate, counter for cannons  
    monme, 3.75 grams, (kokuji)  
    night, evening  
    plains, field, rustic, civilian life  
    dart, arrow  
    unlucky, misfortune, bad luck, disaster  
    duty, war, campaign, drafted labor, office, service, role  
    promise, approximately, shrink  
    medicine, chemical, enamel, gunpowder, benefit  
    translate, reason, circumstance, case  
    leap, dance, skip  
    pleasure, happy, rejoice  
    oil, fat  
    healing, cure, quench (thirst), wreak  
    rebuke, admonish, charge, warn, persuade  
    transport, send, be inferior  
    solely, only, merely, simply  
    tenderness, excel, surpass, actor, superiority, gentleness  
    courage, cheer up, be in high spirits, bravery, heroism  
    seclude, confine to a room, deep, profound, secluded, faint, dark, tranquil, calm  
    permanence, distant, long time, leisure  
    melancholy, grieve, lament, be anxious, sad, unhappy  
    possess, have, exist, happen, occur, approx  
    furthermore, still, yet  
    wherefore, a reason  
    abundant, rich, fertile  
    entice, lead, tempt, invite, ask, call for, seduce, allure  
    mail, stagecoach stop  
    masculine, male, hero, leader, superiority, excellence  
    dissolve, melt  
    too much, myself, surplus, other, remainder  
    bestow, participate in, give, award, impart, provide, cause, gift, godsend  
    reputation, praise, honor, glory  
    deposit, custody, leave with, entrust to  
    contain, form, looks  
    commonplace, ordinary, employment  
    hoist, fry in deep fat  
    swing, shake, sway, rock, tremble, vibrate  
    hug, embrace, possess, protect, lead  
    Esq., way, manner, situation, polite suffix  
    ocean, western style  
    melt, dissolve, thaw  
    utilize, business, service, use, employ  
    kiln, oven, furnace  
    leaf, plane, lobe, needle, blade, spear, counter for flat things, fragment, piece  
    need, main point, essence, pivot, key to  
    noh chanting  
    jump, dance, leap, skip  
    foster, bring up, rear, develop, nurture  
    repress, well, now, in the first place, push, shove, press, seal, do in spite of  
    longing, covetousness, greed, passion, desire, craving  
    bathe, be favored with, bask in  
    the following, next  
    wing, plane, flank  
    gauze, thin silk, Rome  
    naked, nude, uncovered, partially clothed  
    come, due, next, cause, become  
    trust, request  
    thunder, lightning bolt  
    entwine, coil around, get caught in  
    fall, drop, come down  
    dairy products, whey, broth, fruit juice  
    riot, war, disorder, disturb  
    egg, ovum, spawn, roe  
    column, handrail, blank, space  
    excessive, overflow, spread out  
    perusal, see  
    profit, advantage, benefit  
    officer, an official  
    footgear, shoes, boots, put on (the feet)  
    logic, arrangement, reason, justice, truth  
    back, amidst, in, reverse, inside, palm, sole, rear, lining, wrong side  
    ri, village, parent's home, league  
    detach, separation, disjoin, digress  
    land, six  
    rhythm, law, regulation, gauge, control  
    ratio, rate, proportion, %, coefficient, factor  
    stand up, rise, set up, erect  
    abbreviation, omission, outline, shorten, capture, plunder  
    current, a sink, flow, forfeit  
    detain, fasten, halt, stop  
    grains, drop, counter for tiny particles  
    hump, high, noble, prosperity  
    dragon, imperial  
    captive, barbarian, low epithet for the enemy  
    complete, finish  
    colleague, official, companion  
    both, old Japanese coin, counter for carriages (e.g., in a train), two  
    dormitory, hostel, villa, tea pavillion  
    fee, materials  
    refreshing, nice and cool  
    game-hunting, shooting, game, bag  
    heal, cure  
    provisions, food, bread  
    good, pleasing, skilled  
    quantity, measure, weight, amount, consider, estimate, surmise  
    mausoleum, imperial tomb  
    jurisdiction, dominion, territory, fief, reign  
    power, strength, strong, strain, bear up, exert  
    ethics, companion  
    rin, 1/10sen, 1/10bu  
    grove, forest  
    look to, face, meet, confront, attend, call on  
    wheel, ring, circle, link, loop, counter for wheels and flowers  
    bases, fort, rampart, walls, base(ball)  
    tears, sympathy  
    accumulate, involvement, trouble, tie up, continually  
    sort, kind, variety, class, genus  
    orders, ancient laws, command, decree  
    example, custom, usage, precedent  
    cool, cold (beer, person), chill  
    encourage, be diligent, inspire  
    salute, bow, ceremony, thanks, remuneration  
    small bell, buzzer  
    slave, servant, prisoner, criminal, follower  
    spirits, soul  
    lovely, beautiful, graceful, resplendent  
    calendar, almanac  
    curriculum, continuation, passage of time  
    file, row, rank, tier, column  
    inferiority, be inferior to, be worse  
    ardent, violent, vehement, furious, severe, extreme  
    split, rend, tear  
    bargain, reason, charge, suspicion, point, account, purity, honest, low price, cheap, rested, contented  
    romance, in love, yearn for, miss, darling  
    practice, gloss, train, drill, polish, refine  
    take along, lead, join, connect, party, gang, clique  
    tempering, refine, drill, train, polish  
    hearth, furnace, kiln, reactor  
    path, route, road, distance  
    dew, tears, expose, Russia  
    labor, thank for, reward for, toil, trouble  
    corridor, hall, tower  
    melodious, clear, bright, serene, cheerful  
    watchtower, lookout, high building  
    wandering, waves, billows  
    leak, escape, time  
    old man, old age, grow old  
    son, counter for sons  
    argument, discourse  
    harmony, Japanese style, peace, soften, Japan  
    tale, talk  
    bribe, board, supply, finance  
    beguile, delusion, perplexity  
    frame, framework, spindle, spool, bounding-box, (kokuji)  
    gulf, bay, inlet  
    arm, ability, talent  
    push open   goto TOP  
    address, just like, fortunately  
    get dark, gloom, disorder  
    fear, majestic, graciously, be apprehensive  
    wither, droop, lame  
    briar, thorn  
    choked, smothered, stuffy  
    lewdness, licentiousness  
    songs with samisen  
    food, bait, prey, tempting profit  
    grudge, show resentment, be jealous  
    glossy, luster, glaze, polish, charm, colorful, captivating  
    flourishing, successful, beautiful, vigorous  
    mount, hill, knoll  
    timidity, heart, mind, fear, cowardly  
    I, myself  
    torment, scold, chastise  
    tusk, fang, tusk radical (no. 92)  
    cliff, bluff, precipice  
    cover, lid, flap  
    bone, body, corpse  
    persimmon, shingle  
    jaw, chin, gill  
    arrowroot, kudzu  
    kettle, cauldron, iron pot  
    sickle, scythe, trick  
    tile, gram  
    play, take pleasure in, trifle with, make sport of  
    capital, suburbs of capital  
    tortoise, turtle  
    a wee bit  
    towel, hanging scroll, width, cloth radical (no. 50)  
    brocade, fine dress, honors  
    pony, horse, colt  
    shish kebab, spit, skewer  
    think, consider  
    visit a temple  
    crevice, fissure, discord, opportunity, leisure  
    beam, girder, spar, unit or column (accounting)  
    thigh, crotch  
    tiger, drunkard  
    beg, invite, ask  
    be bent, slope, capture  
    throat, voice  
    for the most part, close up, flower stem  
    time, about, toward  
    mark, foot print  
    crush, break, sprain, discourage  
    close, shut, cover, block, obstruct  
    dice, form, appearance, take, coloring  
    heights, slope  
    cape, spit, promontory  
    stockade, fence, weir, entwine around  
    be imminent  
    beheading, kill, murder  
鹿     deer  
    scold, reprove  
    jealous, envy  
    tumor, swelling  
    spell, curse, charm, malediction  
    wipe, mop, swab  
    buttocks, hips, butt, rear  
    ought, by all means, necessarily  
    cuff, hem, foot of mountain  
    uncanny, weird, threatening, horrible  
    awake, be disillusioned, sober up  
    stature, height  
    broil, parch, roast, boil  
    envious, be jealous, covet  
    discussion, methods called for, selection, result  
    small low table, tray  
    formerly, once, before, ever, never, ex-  
    aim at, sight, shadow, stalk  
    go upstream, retrace the past  
    refreshing, bracing, resonant, sweet, clear  
    get thin  
    catch, capture  
    sleeve, wing (building), extension, give cold shoulder  
    humble, modest  
    luxury, select  
    saliva, sputum  
    piled high  
    be crowned with, live under (a ruler), receive  
    who, someone, somebody  
    daybreak, dawn, morning  
    be rent, ripped, unravel, run, begin to open, smile  
    make progress  
    oak, mallet  
    crush, smash, break, dissipate  
    claw, nail, talon  
    crane, stork  
    abandon, give up  
    drown, indulge  
    stick, paste, apply  
    jealous, envy  
    gamble, wager, bet  
    yearn after, long for, aspire to, admire, adore  
    horse chestnut, (kokuji)  
    suddenly, immediately, in a hurry  
    Nara, what?  
    riddle, puzzle, enigma, hint, tip  
    pot, pan, kettle  
    fragrant, stink, glow, insinuate, (kokuji)  
    twirl, twist, play with  
    abuse, insult  
    come off, peel, fade, discolor  
    spot, blemish, speck, patches  
    spread out, wide  
    knee, lap  
    elbow, arm  
    beautiful woman, princess  
    hill, mound, left village radical (no. 170)  
    cover, shade, mantle, capsize, be ruined  
    ignore, despise, neglect, ridicule  
    bee, wasp, hornet  
    form, appearance, countenance  
    intimate, friendly, harmonious  
    suddenness, rise  
    dark, foolish  
    honey, nectar, molasses  
    noodles, wheat flour  
    mochi rice cake  
    melting, smelting  
    all the more, increasingly  
    boil, ferment, seethe, uproar, breed  
    attractive, bewitching, calamity  
    storm, tempest  
    pear tree  
    glassy, lapis lazuli  
    companion, follower  
    lapis lazuli  
    spine, backbone  
    play with, tamper, trifle with  
    foot of a mountain  
    armpit, the other way, another place, flank, supporting role  
    bowl, bowl of food  
    be proud  
    nurse, suckle  
    smell, sniff, scent  
    ridicule, insult  
    break, destroy, censure, be chipped, be scratched, be broken, be ruined  
    same kind  
    yearn for, aspire to, admire  
    Latin, kidnap, crush  
    gift, seriousness  
    dark, not clear  
    square character style, correctness  
    gloom, depression, melancholy  
    boil, carbuncle  
    paper, label, letter, composition  
    basket, devote oneself, seclude oneself, cage, coop, implied  
    fine (i.e. not coarse)  
    feel ashamed  
    covet, indulge in  
    remains, clue, footprint  
    pungent, spicy, harsh, cruel, severe  
    to tie  
    fill in, fill up, make good  
    cheeks, jaw  

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