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Henshall* Kanji Pages (all 1,945 Kanji unordered in a single column) see below for the 2010 jōyō kanji

LEFT aule page: Hanazono Mincho HanaMina font   ·   RIGHT aule page: your default font

Henshall Kanji Only in HanaMinA font Henshall Kanji Only
DIRECT LINKS: Henshall Kanji only HanaMinA font · Henshall Kanji only in default font

PREVIEWS: Kanji Stroke-Order Aule Pages

LEFT aule page: KanjiCafe GIF animations   ·   RIGHT aule page: KanjiCafe PNG diagrams

Kanji stroke order animations Kanji stroke order diagrams
DIRECT LINKS: Stroke-Order Animations · Stroke-Order Diagrams

PREVIEWS: jōyō kanji (2010) with kanjidic2 definitions

LEFT aule page: Joyo Kanji in HanaMinA font   ·   RIGHT aule page: Joyo Kanji with Kanjidic2 definitions

Joyo Kanji with Kanjidic2 definitions in Hanazono Mincho font Joyo Kanji with Kanjidic2 definitions
DIRECT LINKS: Joyo Kanji in HanaMinA font · Joyo Kanji in your default font

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